Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Range to Date-Late Imperial Romans C350-450AD

If you are going to start a range of figures for this period I think the Germans offer some interesting possibilities and of course the Huns, Alans and other exotic Asiatic tribes are very cool.

When it comes down to it though I think you almost have to start with the Western Romans. Defenders of the West, antagonists of the Eastern Empire, soldiers in Persia (Cornuti and Braciati) and defenders of Christendom against a flood of Pagans.

While not yet posted on the Tumbling Dice web page this is the range as currently available.

C410 Fall of Rome

Late Romans circa 350-450AD


LR1 Legionary
LR2 Legionary Bow
LR3 Legionary Command
LR4 Lanciarius
LR5 Auxilia Palatina
LR6 Auxilia Palatina Bow
LR7 Auxilia Palatina Command


LR10 Cataphract
LR12 Clibanarius Kontos
LR14 Heavy Scutari
LR15 Heavy Command
LR16 Light Promoti Javalin
LR17 Light Scutari Javalin
LR18 Light Saggitari Bow


H1 Fully Armoured Cataphract
H2 Half Armoured Clibarnarius
H3 Caparisoned Heavy Cav
H4 Light Horse

Each code has multiple poses with 8 figures per bag for troops and 4 for horse.

I'm in the process of building 96+ figure Legions, 48+ figure Auxilia and 24+ figure Vexillatio.

Pictures will follow shortly of the unpainted and painted miniatures.

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